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    At Body in 45 we work with you to determine what times work best based on your busy schedule. And because all we need is 45 minutes for 2 days per week, we don't want anything getting in the way of our fitness partnership. You won't experience any distractions with walk-in traffic here.

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At Body in 45, kinds words are never in short supply. Here are just a few examples of the feedback we’ve received. And special thanks to all of our valued clients and new friends. Please know that your commitment to self inspires us as well. –Pete

“Throughout my pregnancy, I continued my exercise program of Pilates, Yoga and walking, expecting to be fit once the baby arrived. Instead, I found myself with a body unfamiliar to me. I didn’t have time to return to my old exercise program and when I cut down on the time I spent, I wasn’t getting results. Since training at Body in 45, I have more energy, feel more attractive, and am in better shape than before the baby!”

Kimberly, Birmingham

“I was certainly skeptical about the promises Pete made for a stronger and more sculpted body in just 2 short 45 minute sessions per week. When he told me he’d “prefer” that I didn’t run or spin or even exert myself on my off days I’ll admit, I was thinking, this man is just plain mad! But, against what I thought was my better judgment I put my fitness into Pete and Dustin’s hands. There have been times in my life through yoga, running and other activities that I have felt fit and strong but after a while I would inevitably lose my curves. With Pete’s fine tuned work out system I have managed to sculpt my girlish figure while slimming, tightening and lifting. I am a believer! Not to mention I would cry if I had to go back to working out for an hour plus every day!”


Loren Weiner, Birmingham

“I wanted to thank you for your straight forward approach to fitness. The three pillars you teach: Proper Exercise, Ample Rest and Eating Smarter are simple and effective with results to prove it. The short duration and frequency of exercise required (only 2 times a week for 45 minutes a session) is amazingly simple and dispelled many myths and gimmicks for fitness that other gym and training methods I have previously dabbled in.

In just twelve weeks I have lost 6 lbs of body fat (a 13% reduction) and have a noticeable increase of muscle tone and structure. I feel great, have more energy and am receiving numerous compliments from family members and friends.


Barry Bourgeois, Bourgeois Consulting Group

“I was thinking as I looked into the bathroom mirror ~ as the lights washed over my body ~ that I love the way I look. I have strength and wisdom, I’m more fine and more happy than I’ve ever been… Who knew the potential and possibility that I could transform myself into something that I’m so excited about, that I want to share it with everyone ~ because of my experience with Body in 45?

I could not have imagined how simple the protocol could have been: Forget what we’ve been told by the exercise industry, it’s a lie…. Just eat well, eat great, rest a whole bunch, work out very minimally but specifically, and really enjoy living fully your life.

Yes! I’m lucky that I found Pete and his program, and learned the experiential wisdom that his team can provide. My whole life is so fantastic, I’m so excited to see what the possibilities are and what my future holds… As I continue to live this new way of life, while working out just one day a week, eating fabulous foods, enjoying the learnings and seeing the amazing results in motion as I live each day. I’m writing to share my passion for what I’ve become… you are worth it and the experience of it.”

Susan Lampinen, Group Chief Designer

“Approximately six years ago I decided to take better care of my body, i.e. knees, hips,back and shoulders. That means exercise and weight training to strengthen those areas.

What I’ve learned in the six years is there are a lot of trainers out there, at your country clubs and your workout centers. It takes a special person who understands how to train seniors. Pete Hudson has the knowledge, expertise and patience to work with seniors to meet their goal of skeletal strength.

I recommend him for anyone who is over 60.”

Melvin Kaftan, Mega Entrepreneur

“On my list every year of New Year’s resolutions are the commitments to make more time to work out and to stay healthy. I haven’t been very good at the former but with the little time I do have available I’ve spent it with Pete and his team. Every visit is an inspiration for me; while I come out feeling spent from the intensity and focus, after a healthy meal and a much better nights sleep, I have more energy and truly look forward to the next visit.”

Donald MacKenzie, Senior Managing Director, Conway Mackenzie, Inc.

“My trainer, Dustin Wenzel, has taken Pete’s program and produced results I had only imagined. I really am proof that high intensity strength training is for everyone.

Before I began my program, I was 35 pounds overweight, lethargic, and was stuck in a rut. I was sure from the research I had done that Pete’s program would work, but I was unsure that strength training was for me. When I first started training, I felt embarrassed that as a man, I was working with 25 pound dumbbells.

Within three months, I am training with 65 pound dumbbells and now have no doubt that I will be handling 100-pound weights soon, as well as achieving my goal of a 6-pack in a couple more months. I have lost 10 pounds of body fat, gained 15 pounds of muscle and dropped four pant sizes.

Pete’s method works, and although it takes work, it’s much easier and more efficient than extended cardio with far better results.”

Tracy E Cleeton, Director of Saga Communications

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