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When It Comes To Scorching Fat, Cardio Can’t Hold a Candle…

By bodyin45 | In High Intensity Personal Training, News, Personal Trainers, Personal Training, Weight Loss | on May 15, 2013

The Simple Truth:


When It Comes To Scorching Fat, Cardio Can’t Hold a Candle To Our 45-Minute High Intensity Strength Training Sessions.

If you’ve been training at Body in 45 for any length of time, you may have noticed a few things that make us quite a bit different from other fitness centers around town:

  1. We like rock and roll, and we play it often and loud. ‘Nuf said.
  2. When you walk in the door for a session, you don’t have to swipe a card to get in. We know you. You’re greeted by name and with a smile. Why? Because you aren’t just a client. Many of you are now friends who have spent years with us in the studio sharing, laughing and talking about all aspects of life, not just about the latest in health and fitness.
  3. Speaking of talking, you also may have noticed that unlike other gyms, we don’t stand around or chat much between sets. The stopwatch we wear around our neck is used to keep you moving between sets to make sure you receive all of the fat- burning and strength training benefits you deserve — not just to get you in and out the door in 45 minutes to satisfy some marketing gimmick. It’s to honor and apply the principles of High Intensity Training to each and every workout you perform, which leads me to point #4.
  4. You will never, ever, ever hear a trainer at Body in 45 tell a client who wants to lose body fat to “do lots of cardio.” Never.

We could go on forever about why we believe that excess cardio actually trains your body to store body fat, but in this short piece, let me share with you a simple acronym that will get the process started: EPOC.

EPOC stands for Excess Post-Oxygen Consumption. You may have also heard this mentioned in casual conversation as the “afterburn effect.” In simple terms, it is defined as the increased amount of oxygen your body demands after you perform a high intensity workout in order for your body to return to normal.

Why does your body need excess oxygen? Your body needs it to repair cells, balance your hormones and replenish fuel stores. And here’s the best part — this increase in excess oxygen causes your body to burn, burn, burn fat for excess fuel. In fact, research shows that you’ll continue to burn calories for up to 38 hours after your session with us.

And that is just one of the reasons we move you quickly between sets, don’t prescribe a lot of cardio, and can promise you that by training 45 minutes, twice a week, you can create a strong, lean and amazing body in less time than you ever thought possible.

Now if that isn’t a great bang for your workout buck, We don’t know what is.

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