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How Sumo wrestlers (and your friends) get so fat

By bodyin45 | In News, Nutrition, Weight Loss | on May 1, 2013

Have you ever wondered how a Sumo wrestler gets so fat? We have… We wondered how they have managed to perfect the art of weight gain in spite of the fact that they train for four-five hours a day and burn quite a few calories during their matches. How exactly do they do it?  The simple truth is that they accomplish this amazing feat the same way that you or I would accomplish it – by creating a body that quickly becomes a fat-storage machine.

We can’t tell you how many times We’ve had someone walk up to us and say, “I don’t understand it.  I only eat twice a day and I’m still gaining weight,” or “I skip breakfast and I usually work through lunch and I’m still fat.”  Or they’ll say, “I hardly eat anything and I can’t seem to lose weight.”  If any of the statements above sound like you, then by all means – keep reading.  You’re about to free yourself from ever uttering these words again.  If any of these statements are coming from someone you know, then when you’re done reading this article, forward this issue to them immediately!  On the other hand, if the idea of looking like a Sumo wrestler is appealing to you, just follow the simple rules outlined below, and you too, can create a body that resembles one of the big guys in no time:


  1. First and foremost, skip breakfast. By depriving your body of food after eight hours of rest, you’ll slow down your metabolic rate to a virtual crawl. You are now officially in starvation mode and your body is primed to do what it does best – store fat.
  2. Exercise on an empty stomach. Because your body’s fuel tank is empty, your metabolic thermostat gets turned down even lower to conserve precious fuel. (Sorry Bill Phillips, but we’ve come a long way since “Body For Life.”)
  3. After you eat your first meal in the afternoon, sleep. Although the Japanese have perfected the art of rest and recovery during the workday by taking 20-minute “power naps,” this is a full-blown four-hour nap… just what your body needs to turn your meal into pure, yellow, dimpled fat.
  4. For your second meal, make sure to eat between 8-10pm. This virtually ensures a huge insulin spike in order to metabolize a large intake of calories. Since your body can’t store the fuel in your muscles or organs, it stores it in–you guessed it–your fat cells. Whatever you do at this point, go right to sleep. Your body will do what it knows how to do best. Store, store, store…
  5. When you eat, eat white. That’s right. Eat lots of pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, sugary foods and anything else that spikes your insulin levels. If you haven’t read or received my article, “South Beach Foods to Enjoy, Foods to Avoid”, let me know and I’ll send it to you. By eating all of the foods on the “Foods to Avoid” list, you’re virtually guaranteed to fit into your “fat clothes” in no time.
  6. Share the love. During the two times you do eat during the day, make sure you eat with someone else. Research shows that when you eat a meal with others, you’ll take in 44% more food and over 30% more fat than if you were to eat alone.
  7. Drink lots and lots of beer with every meal. To look like a Sumo wrestler, drink up! Alcohol stimulates your body to secrete excess levels of cortisol which in turn, causes your body to store fat in your abdominal area, thus creating that famous “beer belly” we see so often at Cedar Point. This is great for a Sumo wrestler because their big belly makes them more stable in the ring.

So, there you have it. Seven simple rules to follow each and every day to turn your body into a perfect fat-storage machine.

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